The Creative Impulses

The Creative Impulses is a wedding cinematography team founded in 2014 that films approximately 20 to 30 weddings a year. Although they are based in Atlanta they are a traveling film team and film frequently throughout the southeast including Savannah, Louisiana and Alabama. The Creative Impulses has filmed weddings for various cultures and several LGBTQ weddings with film packages that start at $1250. To get more details about the services we provide visit our contact us at to email, schedule an appointment via telephone or skype during business hours.

B.A.L.L. [Being Active Learning Lessons] (Originally Posted Jan 17 2014

I grew up and currently live in East Point, Georgia and while it will always be a small, charming, warm city in my heart there is definitely room for improvement. Wanting to make a positive impact in East Point, youth minister Kristopher Hosey created B.A.L.L. [Being Active Learning Lessons]. B.A.L.L. is a church based community event held at The Peachtree City Church in EastPoint, Ga every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. B.A.L.L. gives local youth and young adults the opportunity to be active through basketball and zumba at no cost. After the activities are done Kristopher Hosey briefly ministers to the youth through his personal experiences. It's a really good faith based community event that I have done some film and photography work for and you can get more information about B.A.L.L. on their Facebook page. Also, you can contact Kristopher Hosey directly @