The Creative Impulses

The Creative Impulses is a wedding cinematography team founded in 2014 that films approximately 20 to 30 weddings a year. Although they are based in Atlanta they are a traveling film team and film frequently throughout the southeast including Savannah, Louisiana and Alabama. The Creative Impulses has filmed weddings for various cultures and several LGBTQ weddings with film packages that start at $1250. To get more details about the services we provide visit our contact us at to email, schedule an appointment via telephone or skype during business hours.

Tiffani + Trammell

Congrats to Tiffani and Trammell, they are a wonderful couple whose ceremony was held at the Atlanta Airport Gateway on 4.4.15. Tiffani was one of the most laid back brides I have ever captured and she made her day such a joy to film. Enjoy


Our Instagram Wedding Videos

Along with the wedding highlight reels I offer I have also began creating instagram videos with my wedding packages. Couples love to post these bite size highlight reels with their friends and family not only on instagram but also through other social media. It’s a great way for them to quickly relieve some of the best moments of their wedding day. Please visit and follow us on our instagram page and watch some our favorite wedding moments. Enjoy


Demarcus + Aniqua (Valentines Day)

My first wedding of 2015 was a great experience. I had the pleasure of filming Demarcus and Aniqua whose wedding was held at the Pristine Chapel on Valentines day. They both were excited throughout the day and couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle. Demarcus and Aniqua’s family and friends were great and their lovely little girl Aniya seemed to have a blast the entire night. Ironically when I left my old 9 to 5 to start my videography business Aniqua was the person that replaced me and now a year later I ended up filming her wedding. It was truly an honor to film Demarcus and Aniqua to start off the new year and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. Enjoy


Thanks to everyone that helped my first wedding video get 1000 views. I know 1000 views isn’t shutting down Youtube but its still feels good to know that people have really enjoyed my work. Bianca and Sherrod were great to work with and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to capture their day.

Jane + Jeffery

I had such a great time capturing my first destination wedding in New Orleans. It was such a great city to have a wedding, the scenery was incredible, the restaurants were great, and the atmosphere was so festive, it was all such a great experience. There wasn't a single time when i felt like i was actually working, it all felt like i was just a part of the wedding. Jeffrey, Jane and their family were great hosts and the weekend was like an event. There was always something going on and everyone had a blast. Please enjoy the video

Saba & Jakip

Of all the weddings i have filmed none have been quite this festive. Saba and Jakip are a wonderful Ethiopian couple who's wedding day was filled with so much love and tradition. There was a celebration at the family's home the morning of the wedding which essentially blocked off their street but the neighbors didn't seem to mind. Not only were there tons of people at their home there was also tons of great food which unfortunately i didn't get a chance to taste. After the informal ceremony and dancing throughout the morning the couple then headed to Victory World Church for the traditional ceremony where they were surrounded by loving friends and family. Later in the day the couple met at the Academy of Medicine for the reception where the sister of the groom sang a song she wrote for the couple, the groom surprised the bride by singing John Legend's All of Me followed by tons of dancing the night away. My words don't quite do their day justice so i hope their wedding reel captures the experience, enjoy.

Shannelle & Mikel

It was so great to film Shannelle and Mikel. Ironically before the wedding i hadn't met the bride or the groom since the mother of the bride contacted me about filming the wedding. It was a wonderful ceremony by the lake with a loving couple whose friends and family were hilarious. It was also a great experience since i was able to have an assistant with me which made my day so much easier. Enjoy. 

Alyssa & Jon

After doing my first wedding video the feedback was incredible, it was a great feeling to capture someone's special day and let them relive it through my work. Weeks later a close friend of the bride saw the video and contacted me about capturing her wedding weekend. She didn't need a videographer for the actual wedding but she wanted to capture the events of her wedding weekend. Alyssa & Jon hosted a great dinner party at the Margaret Mitchell House with a live band, a pig roast, games, great food and drinks all while close family and friends told funny stories about the lovely couple. They also hosted a breakfast the morning after the wedding at the Georgian Terrace Hotel. It was a pleasure to capture Alyssa and Jon's wedding weekend, enjoy the video.  


I recently did a photo shoot for a set of lovely bridesmaids downtown @ Centennial Park. It was a fun group of excited, photogenic ladies. They had a lot of ideas which made the shoot really fun. Here are a few pics from the shoot.  

The Budget Savvy Bride

I had the opportunity to film a wedding for a wonderful couple some months ago and it was such a great experience. Honestly I received so much happiness from how much the couple loved their wedding video that its hard to believe that i get paid to do this. Not only did she love my work she just happened to write for a wedding blog and she wrote a wonderful piece about me. Check out the link below to read all the wonderful things Bianca of the Budget Savvy Bride had to say about The Creative Impulses.  

Budget Savvy Bride

Photography by B. Covington

Photography by B. Covington

Jeff & Allyson

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for a couple celebrating their 10 year anniversary and it was pretty cool, very loving couple, they were really a great example of love and i hope to do more shoots with them and happy couples like them. 

B.A.L.L. [Being Active Learning Lessons] (Originally Posted Jan 17 2014

I grew up and currently live in East Point, Georgia and while it will always be a small, charming, warm city in my heart there is definitely room for improvement. Wanting to make a positive impact in East Point, youth minister Kristopher Hosey created B.A.L.L. [Being Active Learning Lessons]. B.A.L.L. is a church based community event held at The Peachtree City Church in EastPoint, Ga every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. B.A.L.L. gives local youth and young adults the opportunity to be active through basketball and zumba at no cost. After the activities are done Kristopher Hosey briefly ministers to the youth through his personal experiences. It's a really good faith based community event that I have done some film and photography work for and you can get more information about B.A.L.L. on their Facebook page. Also, you can contact Kristopher Hosey directly @

Social Equality 2: The Album (originally posted Jan 16 2014)


I may be a little biased since i was slightly involved in the process of Social Equality II, but i have been eagerly awaiting this album form G-Force 7. I have watched it come together over the last few months and from the material i have heard so far its sounds amazing. The production is incredible, the variety of vocalists from soulful singers to raw emcees all mesh well together and the producers (G-Force 7) make sure the album has meaning. I highly recommend this project for anyone that misses the golden days of hip hop where content met rhythm and when producers were a key part of the art. Check the link below to listen to the album.
Social Equality 2

Alexis (originally posted January 12 2014)

So i have known Alexis Stevenson since high school, and although i knew of her back then, i never really knew her all that well. Over the last few years i've gotten to know her better and she's truly a renaissance woman. She's into culture, traveling, good food, great experiences, she's intelligent, beautiful and until recently i didn't know how great of a painter she was. I had an idea to do a documentary series on some of my most interesting friends and she immediately came to mind. So this is the first in a series of mini documentaries i will be posting. Enjoy 

Social Equality 2: The Documentary (originally posted January 2nd 2014)

This is the first complete piece of video work i have done and it came together pretty good. It was truly an honor to direct this mini doc for this production group whose music I love and whose message of empowerment and equality is very much needed in todays musical landscape. After watching the documentary please check out their music at the link.

New Day (originally posted January 1st 2014)

Welcome to The Creative Impulses. This site represents a new day in many ways. While the focus of The Creative Impulses will be to showcase my creativity i hope to inspire, educate, and help spark a creative community. I am in love with creating so much that i decided to leave my job to start The Creative Impulses, so yes today is literally a New Day. The visual above, done by yours truly, is not only a symbol of freedom but is also the artwork for a song i recorded from the Social Equality II album by the extremely talented production team Evolution Beknown. I will be posting everything from my graphic designs, music, photo's, documentaries and video's im directing, and anything else i feel the urge to create. So please get comfortable and welcome to the beginning of a new day.